Nowadays digital marketing is on peak. Just like every coin has two sides

 Nowadays digital marketing is on peak. Just like every coin has two sides

So, first let’s talk about what is digital marketing?

Just like every coin has two sides, similarly every good thing also has side effects, fraud always finds its way in every field, no matter how alert we are. So today we will see the good sides of online marketing as well as the bad side with example.


Online based digital technologies.

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. These days it is in such a trend, special courses of digital marketing are available in many universities, Its Advantage is Online marketing allows you to create new relationships in a targeted way that simply wasn’t possible twenty years ago.

The purpose behind online marketing is to increase website traffic. Online marketers are all the time finding new and innovative ways to come up with strategies to promote their individual sites. One very popular tool today is blogging and blogs continue to increase in popularity as an online marketing tool.

There are so many advantages, so the side effects will also be terrible. There is so much fraud in this field, there are so many fraud companies that attract you by giving you good opportunities and profitable schemes but these all are fake companies when their reality comes out. People have made such a strong network in this field, you never know what is real or fake.

Online fraud of rupees 91000 cheated from woman in the name of job in Chandigarh.

We have already put updates about this news on Peddler Media. You can check it out from the link below. In brief, this was a story of a girl Divya Bhalla, She was searching for a job from the site when she received a call for an international company offer. And she has to deposit 4000 for registration otherwise she will be blacklisted from international companies. Fearing from this She deposited 4000 to that person by Google pay. Even after this the accused took Divya on a bluff and got her 91000 rupees transferred to his account After this she neither got any call for a job and nor did the person return her money.

There are many such stories all around the world And they always victimize such people who need job, so be alert and be careful from these frauds.
Some Precautions:

  1. Study about that company thoroughly and visit there ask other employees.
  2. Never give one rupee to untrustworthy field.
  3. There is no registration fees in reputed and well known company they will hire you for your skills.


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